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Elements of this project include public and agency scoping, so YOUR COMMENTS DO MATTER.

Email your thoughts and ideas to the project team via this website. The team will periodically update the website with meeting materials, reports, comment summaries, and other project documents.

Public Involvement

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Comment Purpose

The purpose of inviting the public to comment is to inform the project team about issues that are important to the public. It also allows the public to help shape the development and outcome of the project. Each comment received is reviewed by the project team members and becomes part of the project's official public record. For your comment to be of value to the project team, please be sure it contains ideas, suggestions, recommendations, or experiences that relate to the outcome of this project.

Comment Acceptance Policy

We welcome all comments and questions about the project from members of the public. Comments not related to project issues, made anonymously, sent by proxy (written by someone different from the sender), or those that contain rude or slanderous language will not be accepted.

Privacy Policy

In order for your comment to be recorded, you must include your name with the message. No anonymous comments will be accepted. You may also choose to provide mailing information for the project mailing list. The full comment, with personal identifiers, is part of the official project record and is subject to freedom of information requests. All comments received are available for review at the project sponsor's or DOWL's office. This information will be used solely by the project team for project purposes, such as responses to questions, project statistics, and project mailings. Personal identifying information will not be posted on the website.

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